CSR & Communications for Sustainable business development

CSR & Communications for Sustainable business development is a collaborative product that has collected the expertese of the two authros - Justine Toms and Marina Stefanova. 

Both Justine and Marina decided that the topics added in the book are important and they complemented each other. Furthermore, the combination of an overview, basic theoretical statements and practical applications from Bulgaria, will provide proper training, motivation and inspiration for the business professionals.

Who is this book for? This book is for small and medium business owners. It aims to broaden their horizons and encourage the development of sustainable business, communications and CSR practices. This book is for the professionals in PR, communications, marketing and CSR. This book is also suitable for students and novices in the field of CSR and communication. It is written to motivate them, inspire them and show them various intriguing examples.

Published in 2014 by publishing house Siela, you can buy the book here.